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It’s been few months since LEGOLAND Discovery Center opened in Vaughan Mills. Vy’s gone to LEGOLAND for the first time in this summer 2013. I remember how crowded on the opening date.

Lake Simcoe


I just spent my whole day today around Lake Simcoe for fishing! Somehow I took this awesome panorama image from my iPhone. It was a pretty day out there.

Block ads using DD-WRT router

Here’s a tip for all DD-WRT router users out there who want to block ads. Install Pixelserv onto your DD-WRT router. What can Pixelserv do that others can’t in terms of ads blocking?

  • Pixelserv  will block ads from all devices within your network while ad-block-plus addon for Firefox is only for the browser and host file editing can only help per machine.
  • Pixelserv doesn’t degrade your web browsing experience. On the other hand, host file editing method can sometimes worsen web browsing experience due to a brief delay while browser waits for DNS request time out from those ad servers. A quick trip to thetvdb.com is an example why I wouldn’t recommend to use host file editing method in terms of ad blocking. The site loads so slowly.

Here’s a link to details intructions how to install pixelserv onto your DD-WRT router. If you decide to take on the tip, please tell us your experience.

Link: http://www.howtogeek.com/51477/how-to-remove-advertisements-with-pixelserv-on-dd-wrt/

LEGO Fire Brigade 10197 Time Lapse

OH Last week. I’ve just bought my first LEGO modular building set which is the Fire Brigade 10197. I and my daughter built it and we used Frameograhper to make this time lapse video. It was quite fun and my daughter enjoys playing it.

Summer Beach


My family went to Brimley Beach in Scarborough on Canada Day long weekend. It was quite a travel there. We had to walk about 4km down the beach and went back out. I took some photos for my family and made this a really nice wallpaper.


Enjoys the summer guys !

Diablo 3 on May 15, 2012

As you know Blizzard just announced Diablo 3 will be coming out on May 15, 2012. For now you can Pre-Purchase a digital copy and ready to play whenever the servers go live. If you bought the game, you could download the game but you wouldn’t be able to play it yet. I like the fact buying a digital copy would save me time for travel and possibly lining up at store. I’m currently downloading it and 7.6 GB total for Diablo-III-8370-enUS-Installer.


tLaPhotos.com – The New Style


Just update my photoblogs site with a new style. Please check out. Site features included: Proportionate image scaling that fills the whole browser viewport. No distortion. Keyboard Navigation. EXIF Data for each photo.

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