My name is Thụy La and I write unKool.com web blog to spare me some time at home, or maybe provide some help to solve your problems as well. I started unKool.com back in 2004, at first it was just my domain that I like to have. Later on, I decided using it as my blog, using a lot of free blogging tools out there, my final choice was WordPress. I’m so pleased this is the best tools I’ve got for my site. I used to like doing websites and design them for myself. My goals would make unKool.com more popular and mostly fun for everyone.


This is my fourth version of unKool.com. With all the interests I have put on this site is for myself, my family and friends. Started in Feburary 2009, thinking of having my own site on the internet is great. I’ve tried to do my best as I could. This is also a friendly place for all friends to visit. Each visitor of my site is treated like a Human being. If I am not doing good at my job, please just tell me to do it. My goal for this site is having FUN. Apart from unKool.com as my personal blog, I also have thuyLa.com as my portfolio site which is the main works I have done over the past years.

unKool.com is hosted at HostGator.com. If you’re looking for a web hosting, you can sign up with my 25% off coupon “unkool25percentoff“. Thanks.

My Biography

  • Name: Thuy V. La
  • Ethnicity: Vietnamese
  • Status: Married
  • Location: YYZ

Final Words:

Well, I think that is most about me. I hope you guys have read something about me and understand my English. Remember don’t forget to comment on my posts and don’t be shy to contact me, please send email to thuyla(at)unkool(dot)com or use my Contact page. Thanks

Best regards,
/t.La aka Thụy La