Block ads using DD-WRT router

Here’s a tip for all DD-WRT router users out there who want to block ads. Install Pixelserv onto your DD-WRT router. What can Pixelserv do that others can’t in terms of ads blocking?

  • Pixelserv  will block ads from all devices within your network while ad-block-plus addon for Firefox is only for the browser and host file editing can only help per machine.
  • Pixelserv doesn’t degrade your web browsing experience. On the other hand, host file editing method can sometimes worsen web browsing experience due to a brief delay while browser waits for DNS request time out from those ad servers. A quick trip to is an example why I wouldn’t recommend to use host file editing method in terms of ad blocking. The site loads so slowly.

Here’s a link to details intructions how to install pixelserv onto your DD-WRT router. If you decide to take on the tip, please tell us your experience.


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