How to play Blu-ray rip on PowerDVD 9

I sit around and ask myself HOW in the world I could use my HTPC to watch a Blu-ray movie rip from a hard-drive. Well, this was a trick question in my head before building a HTPC set. Now, it makes live so much easier to watch it.

Softwares you will need:

Basically, I’ll create an ISO image out of the Blu-ray rip folder in ImgBurn, then mount the ISO file with DAEMON Tools Lite, and then play with PowerDVD. NOW, the most important part is creating an ISO file to able to play with PowerDVD.

Here is few steps how:
1. Open ImgBurn and select “Create image file from files/folders“.
2. Browse and select a Blu-ray folder from hard-drive you want to build.
3. In Option tab, select File system: UDF revision 2.50 (VERY IMPORTANT)
4. Give the ISO a label in Labels tab.
5. Choose a Destination to save your ISO image file then click Build.
6. Sit back and relax.

ImgBurn step 1

ImgBurn step 2 3 4 5



  1. ThanhHai says:

    Hi thuyla,
    Can PowerDVD9/ImgBurn handle multiple audio channels?
    I’m looking to rip my karaoke DVD collection into my USB harddrive and turn it into a karaoke jukebox.

  2. thuyla says:

    Hi ThanhHai,

    PowerDVD 9 can handle multiple audio channels, but I’m not sure about Karaoke stuffs.

  3. Adrien says:

    Once I download a Blue Ray Rip H264 MP4 file can I simply throw it on my SD card and watch it on my Blue Ray Player??? Help please!!!!!

  4. thuyla says:

    Adrien :

    Once I download a Blue Ray Rip H264 MP4 file can I simply throw it on my SD card and watch it on my Blue Ray Player??? Help please!!!!!

    I don’t think so. Adrien

  5. Matt says:

    Hi all, hopefully someone can help me with this one.

    I have been using imgburn to rip the Blue rays to ISO while anydvd is running in the background for quite a while now. Then mounting using Daemon and playing with Powerdvd 8.

    All has been going fine till I tried to play after ripping “The day the earth stood still”. I get the massage “you need to update your version of power dvd”. This is how I found this thread.

    However, when I installed Power dvd 9 and I try to play after mounting the image I get the message “unsuported format”.

    I did the UDF revision 2.50 step as indicated above (which I have never done before). The only difference between what i am doing and the procedure above is I am going straight from disc to image rather than files to image and I am also using Daemon pro instead of light.

    What process are you using to rip to files? Are you leaving the protection in place or removing it? this may be where I am going wrong.

    This problem is like an itch that I can’t scratch so if someone knows what I may try please let me know

  6. thuyla says:

    Matt, you need to set remove protection setting from AnyDVD in the background.

  7. Matt says:

    thuyla, I believe the problem was using Daemon tools pro. I changed to CloneDrive (didn’t try Daemon light version) and I can now play all my old images on Powerdvd 9. Though I still can’t play “The day the earth stood still”.

    If I put the original BlueRay in it will play (as long as anydvd is not enabled on that drive). When I have anydvd running in the background and try to mount the image on the hard drive the trailers play but when the menu is supposed to start the screen stays black?? Any ideas.

    My Problem now is with this one BlueRay. I think it may be the code on the movie itself and anydvd can’t decode it yet, any thoughts.

  8. Matt says:

    Oh yeah!!! got it working, it was the version I was using of AnyDVD. Upgraded to version AnyDVD HD and everything works sweet :)

  9. thuyla says:

    Glad you did it Matt. :)

  10. aloznogrog says:

    thanks for the info.

    although I do everything as you wrote (make an UDF 2.50 ISO with ImgBurn, mount it with Alcohol 120%), I have a problem — PDVD switches to “file mode” and doesn’t play anything. the image appears to be a valid HD-DVD with AVD_OBJ and HVDVD_TS directories.

    what am I doing wrong?

  11. Amrit says:


    Does the resulting .iso file play in blue-ray format or just standard DVD? I ask because Power DVD doesn’t show the blue-ray icon in the bottom corner and the quality doesnt look like blue-ray quality (the file originally was a blue-ray file).

  12. Jeanpierre says:


  13. Slip says:

    Is there a method to play ripped DVDs on PDVD9?

  14. Giorgos says:

    thanx very very much!U Saved me

  15. Andrew says:

    This method still requires AnyDVD HD, correct?

  16. blu-ray rip says:

    blu-ray ripper is a very good blu-ray can convert blu ray to any format.

  17. Zdenal says:

    Solution is TotalMedia Theatre. It recognizes BD on HDD, has similar functions and interface as PowerDVD.

  18. lavith says:

    I am not sure about the other version of PowerDVD but I only try this PowerDVD Ultra v9.0.1719 Preactivated and it works. Search for it on Google or torrent sites.

    Also, If you’ve ever wondered why PowerDVD ultra 8/9 gives you an UNSUPPORTED FORMAT message when you try to mount some Blu-ray Disc images you’ve made after downloading a full Blu-ray , it’s because of some incorrect options have been selected when the Blu-ray was ripped to HDD with ANYDVD HD.

    It should be – Enable Blu-ray Support > Remove BD+ protection > Prohibited User Operations > Disable BD-Live > Remove Blu-ray region code – For PowerDVD ultra to playback the Blu-ray Folder made in to a ISO.

    Here’s what the folder structure should look like, but don’t worry if it’s not, because all you have to do is create any missing folders yourself to your downloaded Blu-ray and it doesn’t matter that they are empty as long as they are present before you make your Blu-ray disc image with ImgBurn.

    The 2 Main Folders


    SUB Folders in the BDMV Directory


    SUB Folders in the BDMV > BACKUP Directory


  19. Donny says:

    nice information, thank you.. i just try this..

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