USB (wireless) headset and speakers

Have you ever tried to play sound in both of your USB headset and speakers? You will have a hard time to figure out how to do it. The problem is that most of the time windows audio driver won’t let you do that. You either can set your speakers or USB headset  as your default audio device one at the time but not both simultaneously. Here, I will tell you the solution how to make your USB (wireless) headset and speakers to produce sound at the same time. This solution uses a software called Virtual Audio Cable which is not free but you can still download the trial software. With a little luck you can find full version on rapidshare.

Here’s a snapshot of my devices setup with the use of Virtual Audio Cable software to produce sound on both of my USB wireless headset and normal speakers at the same time. OS is Windows 7 x64 RC as you can see watermark at the bottom right corner.



  1. Cooper Collier says:

    I got this from your post on logitech, and it works nice
    but…. do you have to configure the repeaters every time you start the computer?

  2. lavith says:

    Yes, you do. I will investigate in auto start option in Vista or Windows 7 by using Automated task options. Another problem is that the repeater doesn’t even seem to remember its wave-in and wave-out settings. Even if you get the auto start to work, you still have to re-select Wave-in and wave-out which is kind of labour intensive.

  3. James Power says:

    Is this a free program and if not are there any programs like this that are free. I need a program like this because when i game at my friends house i hook my laptop into his tv so he can wacth me play and hear the game and vise versa.

  4. Mazhar says:

    thx man! works grt!!!!!

  5. Tucker says:

    These 2 lines will autostart VAC with 2 outputs minimized to the tray. Modify to your path and config needs. Use the exact string as displayed in VAC combo box. Save as a bat file and plop a shortcut in your startup folder. Good luck, all.

    Start /min “VAC-1″ “E:\Program Files\Virtual Audio Cable\audiorepeater.exe” /Input:”Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable)” /Output:”Speakers (RealTek High Definiti” /ChanCfg:”Stereo” /AutoStart
    Start /min “VAC-2″ “E:\Program Files\Virtual Audio Cable\audiorepeater.exe” /Input:”Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable)” /Output:”Speakers (Logitech G930 Headset” /ChanCfg:”7.1 home theater” /AutoStart

  6. Tommy says:


    Hello Tucker,

    Please I’d appreciated your Guide that u gave here but I really still trying for a 2 weeks with no success as I need 2 output audio setup like this . need to hear a music or movie from the 2 of them.

    Have Wireless Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D Headset & Creative Speaker 2.1

    I really followed a lot topics and Vids over YouTube but no success with the headset as it giving me error that maybe device busy or may have to change the format or playback configs like this.

    I hope you really helping me with my problem So I’m waiting for your reply and if u please and would like to join my PC via Teamviewer maybe u get my problem So waiting for your help by anyway.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Tucker says:

    Are you saying you need two lines? If so, you need to go into the control panel and ensure you have two lines enabled. Create two .bat files and in my script above the /Input:”Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable)” switch would be set to /Input:”Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable)” in one .bat file and to /Input:”Line 2 (Virtual Audio Cable)” in the other. Replace the /Output and /ChanCfg parameters to fit your needs. Remember to use the exact (truncated) string as shown in your manual setup boxes.

    My setup handles a single line with two outputs. If you only have a headset and speakers, why do you need two Lines? I suspect you just want to hear sound on both headset and speakers from whichever is currently playing. If so, my setup will work after you customize it to your equipment. Don’t forget to go into Sound from Control Panel and make Line 1 VAC the default Playback device. Also, if the software has an option to specify output devices, like Skype has, be sure to send the output to Line 1 VAC.

    Good Luck,

  8. Tommy says:


    Really Really much appreciated your reply but I think I’ll take a long time to do what u said and don’t know if I can or not, will trying until success but if u also please added me to your MSN or Yahoo or Skype Messenger would be much appreciated to be in touch to set those settings quickly as I don’t know about those configs much.

    Thanks in advance

    Waiting for your reply if u can added me to any of those mail or send me any of them to superamd64x2 at gmail

  9. Tommy says:


    Hello lavith,

    Thanks for your Topic which it helping me a lot but I still can’t set my USB Wireless Headset to output audio line even by anyway alone or with cause I got success with auto start of the normal speakers but the Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D headset, I can’t and can’t fix the problem which every try got those messages “the device name can’t be longer than 31 characters” also “no output device detect” So what I have to do to get my Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D headset Model Number: GH0200 , So I’d appreciated a lot if u really helped me to get this one working with my speaker.

    Waiting for your reply on a fire

  10. lavith says:


    I am sorry that you can’t get your USB Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D headset working. But here are few points to work things out.

    First make sure you have driver for your USB Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D headset working properly on its own. What i understand is that Virtual Audio Cable software will link your analog audio driver with whatever your USB digital driver so that they both produce the sound at the same time. And that’s why you see “Line 1″ in the posted photo as a default output device for sound.

    If your want to link more than 2 USB audio devices, that will be a different story. Here’s a thought: make Link 1 with (analog + first USB audio device) and Link 2 (Link 1 + second USB audio device). I am not sure if this even works.

    All the best to get it working for you. This was long time ago project.

  11. lavith says:

    I posted this topic 2 years ago. There are a lot of changes since then. So you need to do a little Google search to get things working the way you want.

  12. Destan says:

    Hello Tucker, I have a Alienware M15X Laptop with 2 Headphone plugs and 1 Mic plug, I have put in 2 sets of speakers inside it and I can only get music out of 1 set of speakers, I have been trying and trying to get sound out of both of them at the same time but the only thing I can do is enable the sound on just 1 and switch to the other and only hear sound out of that one, is there anyway you could help me with this? I have googled alot but can’t find any topics about other laptops with 2 headphone entrances, thnx.

  13. lavith says:

    You need to find out what those 2 plugs are from laptop manual. Do they appear as 2 different devices for each plug? Or just simply one device with software to toggle on and off the second plug?

    If they are 2 diferent devices you can hook up VAC to link them. If not, VAC will not work for you

  14. David C says:

    I just downloaded the trial version 4.12 with Audio Repeater (KS) version 1.70 and I am unable to have the Audio Repeater output to my Logitech USB Wireless headset. I keep getting the “No appropriate pin found…” error. I was hoping this would be a viable solution but if it doesn’t support the Logitech headsets….I’ll have to keep looking.

  15. andygee says:

    This works perfectly. I thank you and my princess wife thanks you.

  16. Peter says:

    Thanks, Tucker, for the batch file tutorial. I had to retype the quotation marks because it was getting some sort of syntax error, but besides that it worked flawlessly.

    For anyone else having trouble with VAC, I used a tutorial here:

    Also, don’t forget to run the VAC control panel as an administrator, or you won’t be able to add a second cable. Good luck! =)

  17. Germish says:

    I have used the Audio Repeater successfully. It took a bit of finding out which the correct settings are, but the it worked fine connecting 3 Bluetooth Stereo headsets at the same time.
    It takes a moment to come up to speed when freshly starting a playback application but once in the playlist in played OK.
    However there are some small problems in my setup. It’s a 21″ Notebook from Dell – XPS -M2010 with a Intel dual core T7400 @ 2.17Ghz and 4GB RAM running Win7-64 Ultimate.
    It’s in irregular intervals skipping. I then noticed that this is linked to me either moving my bluetooth mouse or using the laptops detachable Bluetooth keyboard with built in Bluetooth touchpad. Unfortunately I have no other system here to test, but I think that my Bluetooth Hardware in the laptop has a processing capacity problems. When it receives a bluetooth input signal via mouse or touchpad or keyboard …than it is that the output to the Bluetooth headsets skipps some beats.
    I sincerely doubt than one could connect many more than 3 Bluetooth headset. The bluetooth is not meant to handle this. At least not my Bluetooth Hardware Card (Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Module) in the Laptop. Or it could be the Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator at fault.
    At some stage I also noticed MP3 speeding up and going slower but I solved with with setting to either Max or Realtime in Audio Repeater. Ramping up the cache setting to at least 100ms definately helps too.
    I will Investigate about Bluesoleil Bluetooth Management Software if this works better than the standard Microsoft Enumerator (if this is what this does) and also if the BT Module needs to me a newer BT v4 backwards compatible one as my BT Headsets are v3. Who knows what version the above mentioned BT Module is.

  18. ckool says:

    I just bought this and it does what its supposed to but is it possible to get the mic working on my usb headset? when i connect to ventrilo it says my mic is not connected….

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