DIY Adapt for a Wrist Strap

Here is one of my DIY home-made adapt for a wrist strap. Using 10mm width polyester strap, I slotted right in the camera body and securing with stitched black string at one end. I also added a split ring the other end for any attachment.

DIY Adapt

Youtube: The Handle (Steadicam Project part 2)

This video is the second part of my Steadicam Project. Using an old flashlight as the handle to attach the gimbal part, luckily the old Garrity LED flashlight is perfectly fit to the gimbal ball bearing. Check out my video below and enjoys.

Youtube: My gimbal (Steadicam Project part 1)

I was impressed by WSCLATER with his DIY steadicam some time ago. Surprisingly, I have some time to make my first piece of the steadicam which is the gimbal part. As you can see below is my Youtube video with a finish assembly gimbal parts.

The parts are:

  • a set of Traxxas TRX-5151 universal joint
  • 2x Bauer Lab Series ABEC 1 roller skating ball bearing
  • 2x M6x10 screws (cut shorten)
  • 2x bronze joiner (cut shorten)
  • some hot glue (glue the joiner with universal U joint)

Note: This video was captured by iPhone 4 and I can say it’s a very good pocket video camera. BTW, just ignore my finger nails and roughly skin on my hands… ehhh…

Magnet Tool Hanger

Magnet Hanger

I have some rare earth (neodymium) magnets laying around the house. I decided to put them in use as a tool hanger, using a hot glue gun and glued the magnets onto the bookshelf. Whooolaaa… Pretty cool stuff…

  • mini_back
  • mini_front
  • mini_side

Little cool setup for a Mac Mini

Wow, it’s been a long time I haven’t done anything here. Recently I’ve got a Mac Mini and I’ve found this thing run a little hot for my concern. iStat Pro read the CPU temp around 50℃ with 1500rpm fan speed. People is saying this is normal temp for this kind of Mac Mini. Well, for me it’s not a good temperature in the long run. I had a 120mm case fan laying around, so I decided to do little mod and soldering the fan with a USB cable and connected to the back of the Mini. I could see some temp cool down a bit… It’s kinda fun huh?

DIY Paracord Lanyard

Paracord Lanyard

Parachute cord (paracord) is one of my favorite cord to play with when I was little kid, although at that time I only could tie a round sinnet. I got into Stormdrane’s Blogs and I was impressed with his tying. So I went out and bought about 150 feet 550 type 3 paracord yesterday at Beavers Army Surplus local store. I couldn’t wait to learn some of these new knots and braids, I learned diamond knot and a solomon bar as my entry level.

DIY Charger Station

DIY Charger Station

Wondering how to organize all your battery charger in one nice place like a box or a carton? There are plenty of ways how to make yourself one with little cost. Here is one of my DIY charger box. Here is what I use:

  • clear Really Useful Boxes (4 liters)
  • TENERGY charger (for my Li-ion RCR123A batteries)
  • UltraFire WF-139 charger (for my Protected Li-ion AW 18650 batteries)
  • Panasonic BQ-396 charger (for my Ni-MH / Ni-Cd AA and AAA batteries)
  • UltraFire Battery Protective case (case for my RCR123A and AW 18650 batteries)
  • Globe 8 Outlets Power Bar (hidden inside the box)

Basically, I hid an outlet power bar inside the box and drilled all the necessary holes for the wires going through. I’ve found some good videos out there with instructions how to do it yourself.