My Flashlight Collection

Flashlight Collection

Today, my new flashlight NiteCore EZ AA just arrived to my door. I couldn’t wait to “show off” a little bit my flashlight collection. They are:

  • Fenix LD01
  • NiteCore EZ AA
  • Fenix P3D
  • Fenix TK11 R2

In this collection, I think I like the P3D is the brightest torch and the most EDC torch is LD01. I think I’m a flashaholic at the moment but it can’t stop me yet.

How to fix Fenix TK10 TK11 gap

As you know, all the Fenix TK10, TK11 and TK11 R2 flashlight have little gap (about 1.5mm) between the tail cap and the body (the grip ring). This can be easily fixed using little bit of sanding skill. Here is how I did below:

I placed a sand paper on a flat surface (I used 400 grit), and I started to sand down the bottom body until I took off about 1 mm is best. Remember do not sand to the treading.

Fenix TK11 sanding

I took out the original TK11 tactical grip ring, and use the spacer ring instead. So, here is the result is a tight fit and the beauty is NO more gap.



Fenix_TK11 R2

Lighting it up with Fenix TK11

Fenix TK11 R2

This is one of my new flashlight which I got last weekend. It’s a Fenix TK11 R2 edition with Cree Premium R2 LED and max output is 240 Lumens. I don’t even know what lumen means to me, but this flashlight is so freaking bright, it could blind a person for few seconds there. “Throws beam over 200m” was written on box. Damn, is this serious or what? I’ll try to shine this out some where, but there is a problem, it all depends on power of the battery cells too. I regretted I got RCR123A Li-on rechargeable batteries. I’d rather get the 18650 cells instead. Now, I know where to get some 18650 rechargeable cells online.

So far I’ve got it for two days, and I must said I like it a lot. As an oriental guy with small hands, the flashlight just fit perfectly on my palm. I’ve done some researches and there are tons of flashlight brand like Surefire, EagleTac, Pelican, UltraFire, … etc. The only one catch my eye is this Fenix TK11, that’s why I got it. This is my first “expensive” flashlight or my last one. Let’s hope that …