Sony KDL-40Z4100 firmware update (203r)

I just updated my Sony KDL 40z4100 TV to its latest firmware, it’s 203r and you can download it from HERE. What does this update do? It fixes some of the issues that people saying:

  • White dots or sparkles intermittently appear on the TV screen when displaying the menu or playing a DVD.
  • The television freezes momentarily, then powers off and then on. This can occur when the TV is tuned to a digital channel, or when auto-programming. Note: This issue only occurs with some broadcast channels due to incorrect formatting of service data on the channel.
  • Problems selecting an HDMI input on a CEC device using the XMB Menu.
  • Problems resolving the finest detail issue of some 1080i 60hz film-based content (mentioned in a recent PC Magazine article).
  • Intermittent audio on HDMI Input 4.
  • Photo Mode issue that may occur when performing slideshow Butterfly – The same picture sometimes continually displays, and the slideshow no longer transitions through the other pictures.
  • XMB™ sometimes does not display.
  • This is how it’s look like when Dioder light strip is turned on
    Dioder setup
  • Look from the top down at the back of TV (wall mounted)
    Dioder back
  • Another angle of the 2 pack set on top of the TV
    Dioder top
  • Other 2 pack set at the bottom of the TV
    Dioder bottom

My IKEA Dioder TV setup

IKEA Dioder lighting strip is a great set for your HDTV ambient back light. The set is included 4 light strip pack, I use 2 pack for the top and 2 for the bottom of the TV. It’s pretty easy to install. I’ve taken some photos for your viewing pleasure.