Toronto Large Hail

Just a few minutes ago, I was in my bed and all the sudden I heard all the noise come from the roof top. I looked out the windows, it was freaking large hail storm. I could say it’s about 2-3cm golf ball hail. LOL I didn’t want to go outside to take one in and measure the hail. I just grabbed my iPhone and took a shoot out of it, here it is:


Updated: After the hail storm, I went outside and checked out my car what kind of damages would this big hail do to my car. I was amazed by it, the hail has put my car roof top, hood and the trunk top a ton of little dents. I looked around all the cars by my house, they all had the same damage like my poor car today. As always, I took out my iPhone and took a few shoot of my car hood. Check out the red squares below:

Car Dent