iPad Connection Kit

iPad is one of greatest and fastest way to show your photos right on spot. You can do that with an iPad Connection Kit and just connect it right to your camera or memory card. In my photo above, that’s how I’m using a USB cable to connect my iPad to my Canon 5DII. Pretty neat huh?

USB (wireless) headset and speakers

Have you ever tried to play sound in both of your USB headset and speakers? You will have a hard time to figure out how to do it. The problem is that most of the time windows audio driver won’t let you do that. You either can set your speakers or USB headsetĀ  as your default audio device one at the time but not both simultaneously. Here, I will tell you the solution how to make your USB (wireless) headset and speakers to produce sound at the same time. This solution uses a software called Virtual Audio Cable which is not free but you can still download the trial software. With a little luck you can find full version on rapidshare.

Here’s a snapshot of my devices setup with the use of Virtual Audio Cable software to produce sound on both of my USB wireless headset and normal speakers at the same time. OS is Windows 7 x64 RC as you can see watermark at the bottom right corner.