Summer Beach


My family went to Brimley Beach in Scarborough on Canada Day long weekend. It was quite a travel there. We had to walk about 4km down the beach and went back out. I took some photos for my family and made this a really nice wallpaper.


Enjoys the summer guys !

Dual Wallpapers

Just added over 70 images to my Dual Wallpapers page. This is for only 3840×1200 pixel resolution. It’s made for 16:10 dual monitors. I hope you would enjoy it as much as I do. Check it out…

BTW, I think on Windows, UltraMon is one of the best software out there for managing these wallpapers.

White Lotus wallpaper

White Lotus

There is a small pond at Niagara Falls with very beautiful white lotuses. I happened to take this shoot and I love it. Click on it to save as wallpaper. Enjoys.

Niagara Falls wallpaper

Niagara Falls

Last weekend, I went to cherry farm picking with family and we went to Niagara Falls afterward, I took this photo and I really like it, save it as wallpaper as you like. Enjoys.

Spice up my Desktop wallpaper

tLa Desktop

I’ve been lurking around Lifehacker for awhile and see some good stuffs that I could do to my previous bored looking desktop background. So, I have to spice it up a bit by running few little background appz and icons. Above is my current desktop wallpaper. The following stuffs that I am using:

1920×1200 Wallpapers

I’ve added 1920×1200 wallpapers page for those with 24″ LCD monitors and 1080p HDTV as well. Although, 1080p HDTV uses 1920×1080 resolution, but you can use these without a doubt. You can freely use them as you wish. By the way, PicLens (Cooliris) is enabled for those who has it installed on their browser. I personally love this add-ons for Firefox.