Windows 7 and SSD Tweaks

I just finished my Windows 7 and SSD Tweaks page last week that I’ve been working on, I’ve been searching and collecting all the information how to optimize SSD performance on Windows 7. Give it a try… I’m sure it will boost up your system.

Remove Windows 7 watermark

Windows 7 watermark hack

Updated: This method works for both Windows 7 32-bit, and 64-bit version.

After downloaded and installed successful Windows 7 RC1 build 7100 today, the most annoying thing is a watermark “Windows 7 Evaluation Copy. Build XXXX” at the bottom right on desktop.

So, here is how you can remove it:

1. Download [Download not found] and extract to a Folder.
2. Run RemoveWatermarkX86.exe for 32bit or run RemoveWatermarkX64.exe for 64bit.
3. Follow the instruction on the file.
4. Restart the PC.

Enjoys, simple as that. Hope it will work for you.